Welcome to Haus of V “To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone.” - Reba McEntire

My artistry, attention to detail and professionalism have made me an invaluable commodity within Vancouver’s ‘Hollywood North’ Film and TV industry.

Haus of V

My Work

My extensive experience combined with training by some of the industry's most highly respected professionals, have allowed me to create a distinctive career in makeup, lashes, and skincare. My goal is to provide professional services with exceptional results.

Haus of V

Gateway to Glamour

Beauty Beyond Boundaries

I reside on the west coast in beautiful Vancouver BC.  I have established my working space in North Vancouver, where I see clients that range from stay-at-home moms and dads to A-list actors and actresses.  Discretion is assured.  I have a team of artists that are available to travel anywhere in the Lower Mainland, across Canada or around the World for an additional cost.


"I did a show in Vancouver a bunch of years ago. I went through four or five makeup artists. Not only did the other makeup artists act like prima donnas, but they made me look very severe. It was my first real experience in front of the camera and I wasn't happy with the way I looked. Then Vincenza walked in. I loved her energy and style. I hoped that she would enhance the way I looked...and she did wonders! I still watch some of the episodes and remark at the wonderful job she did. I will fly her to NYC or LA the next time I do a show because there is nobody else like her!"

Lisa Ronis

Personal Matchmaking

"Vincenza has a heart of gold with a delicate fairy touch and she makes you "Barbie Bambie Glamour" in her wonderful beauty lounge with the best products out there! I adore my lashes! Vincenza Rocks!"

Marina Mermaid

Best-Selling Author

"Thank you for helping me stay calm! Your advice and tricks made all the difference. Stay awesome!"

Emily Jackson

Actress - Fringe

"I'm a busy Mom with a demanding career, so I get very little time to do much for myself. Still, I always like to look good, and I need to look polished for work too.

After I saw Vincenza for the first time all my colleagues, my friends, men of all ages and even my mother-in-law started commenting on my eyes and lashes. For me it's no-maintenance makeup. I call Vincenza, she makes time for me and voila! I'm transformed! Her expert eye helps me pick the lashes that are perfect for me and always does an excellent job. I'll have my lashes forever! Thanks Vincenza!"

Kim H

Health Care Worker

"Thank you Vincenza for my beautiful lashes."

Sarah Graham

Emmy-nominated Special FX Artist

"For four years on Fringe, my makeup world was limited to the complicated processes of the effects department. So it was a joy and a relief to sit in Vincenza's chair during our final season. Even though her task was to age me twenty years, her sure hand, keen eye, skill and attention to detail ended up making me look better than when I sat down! And, almost as important on a long running series, her ability to be sensitive to people's moods and know when to talk, listen, joke or be firm meant that those long hours in the trailer and on set were as happy as they could be at all times. She's smart, she's cool, she's lovely and funny and I look forward to having her stretch my face again someday."

Michael Cerveris

Actor (September, Fringe)

 “I have been a client of Vincenza’s for over 5 years, and I love my lashes every time I go to see her! I’ve been to other stylists that try to impose their own sense of style, but I find with Vincenza that she listens to what I want and always makes me look my best. I don’t know where she found these lashes or what she does differently, but I’ve always found her lashes last the longest. I love the location, and Vincenza really is amazing - she is THE lash stylist for the stars of Hollywood North!”

Sharlene Royer

Actress/Stunt Performer

Constable Jamie H. Graham

Dear V,

“It’s been such a pleasure meeting you!  Thank you for advocating for women’s inner power and beauty.  All the best to you in the new year.”